Wednesday, 5 October 2011

A weight lifted from my shoulders + giveaway

Good evening~

Today I had a special moment at school. We were in communication class and we started of (as always) with a disturbance round, we tell the class what's bothering us. So after 2 people told their story, I raised my hand. I couldn't speak and started to cry. I told them about yesterday, about my grandma's funeral. I asked if I could read a story to them.
I read the story I wrote to my grandma (see last post). I cried the entire time and just couldn't stop. When I was finished, my teacher told me to look up to see everyone's reaction. I could see that a lot of them were crying. They said they were touched by my story and that I was brave for that. I feel proud of myself, it was like a lot of weight lifted off my shoulders. I think it was a good idea of me to read it out loud, so that even you grandma, could hear it.

After school I went to the e-plaza to pick up something I ordered yesterday. I remember it being really expensive the first time I saw it €99,99! But then last month or so, I finally found it cheaper somewhere randomly. I thank you Bartsmit for selling this on your webshop! Got it for €59,-

Why yes it is a Hello Kitty iPod/iPhone speaker dock! And it's amazing! The sound is great and it can go really loud too! I'm happy I finally got it, now I can use it for oh so many useful things

So now on to this giveaway!

Stella Lee is having a giveaway!
If you join you can get a free $35 voucher to purchase some amazing circle lenses on GalLover!
It's an international giveaway so anyone can enter! What are you waiting for? Go check it out here!


  1. Wow, goed van je!
    Kan me voorstellen dat zoiets oplucht,
    en je zal er ook goed gedaan aan hebben ^^.

    Ze weten je klasgenoten het, maar ook je oma en het voelt voor jezelf fijner (:

    Leuke blog ^^!
    I follow :3.

  2. Goed van je dat je dat hebt voorgelezen! Ik heb het niet echt meegekregen want ik kom niet zo vaak op je blog, maar sterkte nog! ;-$

    En wat een leuke speaker zeg, echt cute! Doet die het goed?

  3. That is the cutest dock I have EVER seen!!!!!

    and thats great that you told everyone <3

  4. Wow, heftig. Wij hadden laatst ook zo'n vertelmoment op school, wat ook heel heftig was. Over mijn rijlessen: ik vind het behoorlijk lastig! Maar ja. Ik heb over twee weken vakantie ;).

  5. That hello kitty speaker is so cute and Im glad you were able to grab it on sale!

  6. Awww that is so cute, I am super jealous and want it so much <333

    Following your blog for more Hello Kitty ^_^

  7. Goed zeg van je dat je dat hebt voorgelezen (en natuurlijk geschreven!),
    lijkt me ook heel lastig, kan me er veel bij voorstellen!

    Wel mooi trouwens van die speaker, ik had 'm bij de Media Markt ook al gezien, vind 'm echt briljant haha!


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